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Castor Coconut Oil Combo


Rey Naturals Castor Oil and Coconut Oil is a 100% naturally cold-pressed, unrefined, chemical-free, hexane-free, additive-free, and rich in vitamin E and minerals - making it the top choice of castor oil for hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. 

This oil deeply moisturizes and conditions hair, adding strength and vibrancies thereby promoting healthy hair growth and prevents hair fall. When applied to eyelashes and eyebrows, it helps keep them thick, dark and long.


    1. One part melted coconut oil to one part castor oil

    2. Combine thoroughly.

    3. After shampooing, apply the mixture in the shower.

    4. Simply leave the mixture in your hair for around 20 minutes before showering or rinsing it out for a deeper conditioning treatment or mask.

    5. To see faster hair growth, repeat this treatment twice a week for two to three months