Lavender Essential Oil, 15 ml

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Rey Naturals Lavender Essential Oil is considered as the best-available diffuser oil in the market for its pleasing and sedative aroma. It also has many topical uses that help to enhance hair growth and reduce dandruff. Rey Naturals Lavender Essential Oil is a perfect choice for adding to body creams and moisturizers for nourished and healthier skin.

Lavender oil is ideal to be added to a diffuser or to your bath water to unwind after a long day. It also works great for hair and skin health when diluted with a carrier oil and used for head and body massages.


Benefits and uses
  • Rub topically at the bottom of the feet or on stomach after mixing with Rey Naturals coconut oil.
  • Diffuse Rosemary oil, or apply topically to help reduce tension, stress and fatigue.
  • Use with diffuser for a soothing aroma in your room/ office.
  • Add few drops in bath water, relax and enjoy bathing experience.
How to use
  • Bath oil - Put few drops of Rey Naturals Lavender Essential Oil in your bathing water to avail relaxed state of the mind, body and soul.
  • Haircare - Mix few drops of Rey Naturals Lavender Essential Oil in your preferred carrier oil. Gently apply over the scalp and hair to avoid dandruff.
  • Diffuser - Add few drops of Rey Naturals Lavender Essential Oil in an oil burner or aroma diffuser to spread pleasing aroma in the interiors.
  • A good night's sleep - Put a couple of drops over your pillow before going to sleep for enjoying a deep calming good night's sleep.
  • Laundry - Soak few drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball or wet tissue and place that in the almirah to freshen and deodorize the clothes. Irresistible source of aroma: Rey Naturals Lavender Essential Oil is the perfect choice for use with aroma diffusers and oil burners to promote a sense of calmness within the interiors.
  • TRUSTWORTHY SINGLE INGREDIENT: Our oil is stream-pressed directly from the Lavandula Angustifolia Flowers. There are no additives or artificial fragrances added.
  • LUXURIOUS LAVENDER LULLABY: Add drops to the most relaxing and fragrant bath or essential oil diffuser for an exquisite bedtime experience. Feel uplifted and wash away the day's stress.
  • CALMING AND TRANQUIL AROMATHERAPY: The natural sedative nature of lavender is extracted from the plant so one can enjoy all the benefits of a calm, relaxed, and stress-free mind and body.
  • CLEANSE AND MOISTURIZE: The cleansing properties of lavender makes our top-quality oil perfect for adding to any moisturizer or creams. Take advantage of its uplifting and hydrating effects.
  • FRESHEN UP YOUR LAUNDRY: Need a laundry boost? Soak a cotton ball in a few drops of lavender essential oil and place it in the almirah during wash for a fresh, deodorized load of laundry.

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Kuchi Gowri shankar

Good smell

Moumita Ghosh

Very nice and strong aroma. I love it. And price is affordable. Other brands essential oil in the market is costly. But I love Rey Naturals price range.

Ritoo Goswami

Best of lavender with Rey Naturals!
Have been ordering for 2 years almost!