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Indigo Powder for Hair | 200g

  • 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC: Rey Naturals Indigo Powder for Hair is sourced from 100% natural and organic Indigo, ensuring only the safest and the best for your hair care routine. 

  • FREE FROM CHEMICALS: This hair powder for men and women is free from chemicals, and ammonia. It does not contain any synthetic additives, parabens, or PPD. 

  • ADDS RICH BROWN TONE: Known as the oldest natural coloring agent, Indigo is a powerful remedy for delaying premature greying and adds a lustrous brown tone to your hair. It can also be mixed with Henna to balance the shade as preferred. 

  • STRENGTHENS & AIDS GROWTH: This revitalizing powder strengthens the hair follicles on your scalp, which further stimulates hair growth, builds hair volume, and averts hair fall. 

  • HYDRATES HAIR & SOOTHES SCALP: Apart from enhancing hair colour, our organic Indigo hair powder, deeply conditions and hydrates your tresses, improving overall hair texture. Its cooling agent dispels heat and soothes the scalp, leaving you feeling calm, refreshed, and relaxed. 

Rey Naturals aims to provide effective solutions for all types of hair problems using ancient therapies and methods. The Rey Naturals Indigo Powder is the perfect one-stop solution for safe and effective hair care nourishment. Made from 100% natural and organically sourced Indigo, this hair powder is free from chemicals, parabens and does not contain synthetic additives. This indigo powder is organic and is great for delaying greying, and adds a rich brown tone to your natural hair colour while stimulating hair growth. Its cooling agent dispels heat and soothes the scalp, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.