Moroccan Argan Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner with Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

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  • FOR STRONG HAIR THAT SHINES: Rey Naturals Moroccan Argan Avocado Shampoo gently cleanses your hair and scalp, enriching hair with the benefits of natural ingredients and argan oil that keep it nourished, voluminous, and shiny.

  • PACKED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS:Avocado penetrates the hair shaft deeply moisturizing strands and strengthening hair, the goodness of argan oil protects hair from everyday damage giving you fuller, thicker hair.
  • CLEANSES AND NOURISHES SCALP: Natural actives in this mild and effective formula keep the scalp hydrated and keep dryness at bay for smooth hair.
  • ADDS VOLUME AND SHINE: This natural shampoo formula adds luster, improves hair density, and deeply repairs hair. For best results and ultimate hair care use the Rey Naturals shampoo and conditioner combo with hair oil.

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FORMULA: This sulfate and paraben-free shampoo has no dyes and phthalates for an avocado argan formula that’s good for all hair types: straight or curly hair, oily or frizzy hair - even when chemically treated with hair colour or hair dye.


How To's

Apply an adequate amount of Hair Mask on Wet Hair and Scalp. Leave the mask on for 10-12 minutes. Rinse off with Shampoo. For best results, use 2-3 times a week.

Customer Reviews

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Seema Singh
Great for hair fall

I used Rey Naturals avocado Hair shampoo for a few days now and I have absolutely loved the way my hair has shown result. I can see visible difference in my hair fall and there is a shine to my hair which I really like. After putting the shampoo for two hours, I put a hot towel on my head so that the shampoo is soaked to perfection. Post that I shampooed my hair and really liked the feel of it!

Kasturi Mane
bye bye hair fall

Writing this review after using since last 2.5 months. 3 month back I was suffering from a heavy hair fall issue. I tried many shampoos shampoos etc nothing worked for me then I read somewhere avocado is good for hair fall and found this, I have dry scalp and it moisturize my scalp too. Now my hair texture improved and new hair also growing

Elixir To Your Hair

A lotion that acts as an elixir to your hair, avocado shampoo from Rey naturals is abounding health naturally. With key ingredients like avocado shampoo, Jojoba, Vitamin-E shampoo, avocado, Bhringraj powder, Coconut shampoo, Sunflower shampoo, Castor shampoo, Rose and sandalwood, it has everything thats is required to bring out lustrous and healthy hair. With benefits like dandruff free, less hair fall, less grey hair etc it provides full time nourishment. To get healthy hair apply 3-4 drops of this shampoo directly on your scalp and hair and keep it for 3-4 hours. Have forever "healthy hair days"!

Neeraj Pandya
controls hairfall after pregnancy

👉Came across this 🎀"avocado HAIR shampoo" 🎀from REY NATURAL'S @reynaturals..And After a Month here i am with a review for u all.🍭 ABOUT THE PRODUCTMain ingredient of this shampoo is avocado ; rich in sulphur which has antifungal & anti bacterial properties ..which nourish hair follicle; minimize breakage , Fall & thining of hair...Moreover it does not at all smell like avocado becoz of sandalwood and rose shampoo in it ...🍭WHY THIS shampoo▪Controls Dandruff▪Stop hairfall (tried & tested)▪Accelerates hair growth▪Reverse premature greying of hair▪gives a healthy shine to hair..

Your personal hair specialist!

A unique product from the brand Rey Naturals. I love using their products so thought of giving this hair shampoo a try . This hair shampoo has all the essential ingredients to promote hair health . The shampoo is so light & soft on your hair , it's Non-sticky . It's smells like rose at once & then like Sandalwood . The shampoo is pale pink in color. Rey Naturals avocado Hair shampoo is effective in treating infections of the scalp. The shampoo provides nourishment to your hair follicles lending your hair a healthy shine. Take required quantity & gently massage on to your scalp & cover your scalp entirely with this shampoo . Rey Naturals avocado Hair shampoo has made my hair soft , shiny and manageable.