Rey Naturals

Rey Naturals® hair oils combo (Coconut oil + Onion oil) controls hairfall - For healthy hair - No Mineral Oil, Silicones & Synthetic Fragrance

  • Package contains : Coconut oil - 200 ml, Onion oil - 200 ml
  • Benefits of this hair care combo : Active hair fall control, Improves hair thickness, Fights dandruff, Hydrates dry scalp
  • Combination of these three oils makes a perfect kit for hair care : Onion oil for hair growth, coconut oil for hair
  • Recommended Use : Mix 5 table spoon of coconut oil, 5 table spoon of onion oil for best results.
  • Suitable for all hair types : This combo of oils can be used on any type of hair, be it curly, straight, textured, thick, thin, fine, coarse, colour treated, etc. It can also be used on any type of scalp.

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