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Castor Oil is basically a vegetable oil obtained by thrusting castor beans. It is colourless or a very pale yellow liquid with its unique smell and taste.


Cator oils are very useful in the making of soaps, lubricants, hydraulic and brake fluids, paints, dyes, inks, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, waxes, etc.


  1. A great Laxative!: Castor oil is greatly popular for being a natural laxative. It increases muscles’ movement to push materials from intestines, helping clear bowels.


  1. A natural Moisturizer containing monounsaturated fatty acids to moisturize skin and promote hydration and exposure to harmful additives . Eg, lotions and cleansers



  1. A Wound healer since it stimulates tissue growth by forming a barrier between wound and environment reducing chances of skin infection.



  1. An Acne reducer by decreasing skin inflammation-related symptoms due to its antimicrobial properties that fight bacterial growth when applied to skin.


  1. A fungus fighter : By using its antifungal properties, it destroys fungus like Candia that causes dental problems. It also treats denture related stomatitis caused by the same in elderly people.


  1. Anti-inflammatory expert: Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which reduces inflammations and relieves pain when applied to skin. It relieves dry irritated skin by its moisturizing properties.


  1. Healthy hair and scalp keeper:Due to its highly moisturizing abilities, applying castor oil to hair on a regular basis can lubricate the hair shaft , increasing softness and reducing breaking chances. Dandruffs are also well treated by this.


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Aakash Babbar
Aakash Babbar