Onion Oil

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Reynaturals onion hair oil benefits and balances scalp, prevents hair fall and strengthens hair follicles.

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Reynaturals onion hair oil advantages for hair as Onions have potent anti-bacterial properties and help fight infections of the scalp also they are very good at hair follicle nourishment and help restore lost nutrients to your scalp.

Reynaturals onion hair oil ayurvedic is infused with therapeutic grade essential oils. All ingredients are 100% pure and natural.

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Reynaturals onion hair oil details it is enriched with sandalwood and rose oil, is sulphate free and suitable for all hair types.

Reynaturals onion hair oil for dandruff, if used regularly, onion extract can give you a permanent shine on your hair. Onions also make your hair uninhabitable for lice. They can be used to fight dandruff owing to their rich antibacterial properties.

Q. Does onion oil has advantages for hair?

Ans. Rey naturals onion oil is a proven remedy to boost hair regrowth and prevent hair fall. This is a widely used Ayurvedic solution to ensure healthy and thick hair. All you need is a continuous dedication to apply this hair oil regularly.

Q. Should onion oil be mixed with any other oil?

Ans. Rey naturals onion oil can be mixed with any of your favorite carrier oil, like raw coconut oil to enjoy its double benefits. You can warm onion oil mixed with coconut oil and massage it all over your scalp and length. Keep it overnight and then rinse it well with organic shampoo. It will condition your hair, prevent hair fall, make your hair stronger and also will boost hair regrowth.

Q. How to use onion hair oil?

Ans. Apply Rey naturals onion hair oil on hair roots and split ends. Keep it for 60-120 minutes, recommended to keep overnight for complete hair care. Rinse hair by applying shampoo and conditioner after 60-120 minutes or overnight.

Q. How much onion hair oil should be used to obtain maximum effective results?

Ans. Recommended use of Rey naturals onion hair oil is thrice a week. (Three times a week)

Q. Are there some benefits of onion hair oil other than healthy and thick hair?

Ans. Yes, Rey naturals onion hair oil is not only useful in regrowth of healthy and thick hair and prevention of hair fall but it also helps preventing split ends, Reduces dandruff and grey hair, nourishes hair follicles and hydrates dry scalp too.

Q. How is Rey naturals onion hair oil distinguished from other ordinary hair oils?

Ans. Rey naturals onion hair oil has 100% pure & natural ingredients like Red Onion Extract, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Amla Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Neem Oil, Bhringraj Extract, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Sandalwood Oil and Rose Oil. With formulation of such botanical oils, Rey naturals onion hair oil helps to increase shine of the hair lock in the moisture, detangle, loosen the tangled ends of hair and help restore lost nutrients to your scalp.